Monthly Archives: June 2019

Busy Days

Spring went by in a crazy blur, but its hard to believe that summer is here already. Worked on some quick character and concept art as we were applying for a grant for a short film we’re developing. Quick illustrations never quite do the subject justice, but they are great for getting the visual across. Worked on getting some character cards done as well, as part as the full treatment we put together for our pitch.

Also had the chance to experiment with a more painterly style for a couple of paladins, but I still prefer the harder lines I use for most of my other work. Still, it allowed me to play around with setting a bit more and I overall like the result.

The illustration I made for the short film “Vices & Virtues: The Game”

Character portraits let me be more dramatic too, heh. Perhaps I’ve been enjoying my fire mage and the engineer letting go a little too much. Still, can’t go wrong with some colour after all…

Warit. No, he didn’t hit anyone with the ruler.


Enjoying experimenting with different things right now. The summer tends to be a rather busy time, so I’m looking forward to putting together something new soon…