This is a collection of Frequently Asked Questions.

Q/ I love this picture! Can I share it elsewhere?

A/ If you wish to share my art, please link back to this site/ credit it. I would prefer that you share it using the handy Facebook and  Tumblr buttons on the site.

Do not :

  • Modify/ alter or crop my images
  • Remove my signature
  • Claim it as yours
  • Profit from it ( sell it as prints/ designs/ tags)
  • Use out of context ( e.g. as an rp icon or avatar)

Q/ Where can I find a print of this picture?

A/Most of my art can be purchased as prints, please see the PRINTS and PRODUCTS section. Please note that some of my prints have been discontinued and are no longer offered, and some are brought exclusively to conventions and art shows.

Q/ Did you use to  write/ draw a webcomic?

A/ Yes, two actually – Blatah and Nocturnia.  I started them in early 2002 and updated them for several years. As they are old, old work, I generally don’t link to either of them.  I do still love the characters and much of the background was reworked into other projects; you can also find illustrations of several of the characters in the gallery.

Q/ What media do you work with?

A/ I do most of my work in b/w inks with digital coloring. More infrequently I do marker work, with the occasional watercolour or acrylic piece.

Q/ Do you take commissions?

A/ I haven’t accepted private commissions in a few years, but that might change. For commercial work please contact me to discuss the details and get a price quote.

Q/ I noticed a couple of MATURE pieces. Do you have more risque work? I seem to remember seeing some in other galleries.

A/ I used to, but for personal reasons have chosen not to display them in my portfolio. If you saw my work on my old galleries ( or the Y-con 2006 Anthology) I can understand being curious, but it isn’t the sort of work you will find here.

Q/ Do you attend conventions or artshows?

A/ Infrequently.  When I do  I usually put up a blog post to let people know. I do send work to art shows, but rarely go in person.

Q/ How do I contact you?

A/ Please send all contact requests to apis (at) uneide.com