Fabric Masks

Fabric masks commissions with quilting cotton fabric.

A couple of notes:

  • Each mask is $10, which includes shipping in Canada. I can only ship in Canada at the moment- other countries seem to have various restrictions and I’m not sure how ( or when) it would get to you safely.
  • If you cannot afford one and need one just PM me and we can work something out. <3
  • Please let me know which style you want – pleated or the fitted rounded ones.
  • Please let me know which size you want – adult, teen/ medium or younger kid.
  • Fabric choices are limited because it’s whatever I have, but if you tell me kids print please, floral, etc I will do my best to find you something you’d like. <3 I’ve put a few pictures of some of the ones I’ve made, but I have tons of different fabrics.
  • You can get the ear saver strips as an add-on, just let me know and add a buck or two for materials.
  • Turnaround so far is a couple of days, and then however long Canada Post takes to deliver it. In the lower mainland it has been 2-3 days but not sure to other provinces. <3

Pleated masks

Curved style ( before elastics are put in)

Other curved ones

3d printed ear saving straps available as add on if you need one

Please familiarize yourself with the proper care when using fabric masks, and still practice social distancing and lots of handwashing ok?