Published Work


  • Lee’s Choice ( 2016)
  • Book Box ( 2016)
  • The Sock Paradox ( 2015)


ISBN: 978-1-312-33963-7
BELLYBUTTONLESS ( 2013): A family’s journey dealing with appendix cancer. This children’s book was created with my son in an effort to work through our emotions and fears while battling cancer.

Available on Amazon & Barnes & Noble  ( and directly through the author)

ISBN: 978-0-9867972-0-0
 Winterborn ( 2010):
Two generations after the sidhe empire’s clan wars caused their obliteration, the remnants of their creations come back to haunt their descendants. With magic gone unpredictably wild, it’s up to Mirin and Tereg ( a rogue fire mage and the pickpocket he rescued) to either save what is left of the Empire or to destroy it altogether.

ISBN: 978-1-4116-6379-4

Shadowspires Artbook ( 2006):
A collection of my illustration work up to 2005.(Currently out of print)


The Best of Jim Baen’s Universe ( Ed. Eric Flint). Illustrations for E. Friesner’s “Benny Comes Home” Along the Rim – The Best of Pacific Rim Review of Books Review ( Volume Two)- “The Haiku Apprentice” review. (Ekstasis Editions)

Other Illustrations in Print:


The Art of the Business of Fantasy Art ( Anthology, Volume 1) ( 2006) Illustrations

Other Articles and Reviews in Print:

Opening a Jewish narrative for special needs kids” (Landmark Report, 2013)

One Astronaut’s Space Quilting Experiment”  (Landmark Report, 2013)

Review : “Kabuki Boy “ By Perle Besserman ( Pacific Rim Review, 2013)

Review : “The Ghost Brush” by Katherine Govier ( Pacific Rim Review, 2011)

Being Given a Chance To Beat Cancer” Apis Teicher, Macleans.Ca (2012)

Review : “Solar Poems” by Homero Aridjis, George McWhirter (Translator) ( Pacific Rim Review, 2010)

Review : “In Search of the Miraculous” by Mada Dalian ( Pacific Rim Review, 2009)

Review:” Willing Diaspora – Jungle Crows : A Tokyo Expatriate Anthology” Hillel Wright, Ed. ( Pacific Rim Review, 2008)

Review : “100 Aspects of the Moon” by Leza Lowitz  ( Pacific Rim Review, 2007)

Review : “The Haiku Apprentice” by Abigail Friedman ( Pacific Rim Review, 2007)

Review : “Three Views of Crystal Water “ by Katherine Govier ( Pacific Rim Review, 2006)

Huggable Art: A Plushie Tutorial ( EMG-zine 2007)

Afterword Newspaper ( various articles and interviews 2001-2006). A few listed here:
“The Cabal of Kabbalah” ( Afterword, 2001)
“Yiddish Revivalist Dances with the Devil” ( Afterword, 2006)

Denver Bloomsbury Review