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Apis Teicher is a Canadian writer and illustrator based out of Vancouver, Canada.
She earned a 2014 Aurora Award nomination for best artist   and is an associate member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America  and the  Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators 

Her work has been published in Jim Baen’s Universe, as well as the Pacific Rim Review. She has also published an artbook, a fantasy novel ( Winterborn) and a children’s book about battling cancer (Bellybuttonless) . Her first Gallery Show was held in Nabari, Japan ( April 10-12th, 2004) and her most recent one at the Gallery Bistro in Port Moody ( August 19th-September 14th, 2014). You can also see her work regularly at local conventions, such as the art show at Vcon



I credit my parents for the obsession with mythology and the fantastic that I’ve had  since I was a very young child; its hard to remain rooted  in one place when one’s own name launches the imagination into hyper-drive. My childhood was spent in my grandfather’s library, playing in the garden and watching Vincent Price’s Classics of Terror with my grandmother.

I started to write as soon as I could read, and my first large scale illustration was created at the age of five. My grandmother had left me to my own devices for a couple of hours, only to come back into the room  and find that I had drawn a Martian invasion of Earth on three of the walls.  To her credit -and my artistic growth-  she didn’t get angry;  she commended me for my creativity and handed me a piece of paper instead. She left those murals up for the next fifteen years.

In my teenage years  I discovered Bradbury, Asimov, Madeleine L’Engle and Tolkien. The more I read the more I wanted to read, and I haven’t stopped since!  My first forays into writing began with a Star Trek novel in my early teens ( that  will never see the light of day!) ; sci-fi may have been my first love, but fantasy soon took over.

Living in North and South America and Japan provided me with a wide range of experiences and folklore to draw from. My own cultural background ( Latin and Jewish) has been the cornerstone of much of my work, although there is a wide mix of cultures and mythologies that come into play in my illustrations and fiction.


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  1. Found your blog “Beating Jelly Belly” when I googled Dr. Yarrow McConnell! My husband (Bob) is just about to have his second ct scan after his MOAS! When Dr. McConnell’s office sent a PDF requisition to us for my husband’s blood work before the ct scan, the message indicated that Dr. McConnell has relocated to the United States! Lucky U.S.!!!! Unfortunate for Canada! Anyway, I thought I would Google her to see if I could find out where she went, etc. and found your blog. Read it from the start of your story to now. We live in Squamish and feel extremely lucky to have had Dr. McConnell to perform that MOAS!! Reading your story brought back what Bob went through. So happy that your story has turned out so magnificently! Hope ours does too. Cheers!

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