“Make another one!” Aristophe grinned, and Gadrian couldn’t help but to oblige. “Drawing isn’t my strength, Toph. Besides, I’m supposed to be finishing the assignment from the magister.” “Its not that long. I did mine already.” “Yours was shorter. I still have to study up on barriers. ” “Come on, Gadrian! One more?” Gadrian laughed, shaking his head as he made another picture for his younger brother. “When they ask me where all our parchment went I am definitely pinning this on you.” “You never do.” Aristophe shrugged, taking the picture and letting the wind carry it away. ( I’ve been drawing a lot of Aristophe and Gadrian in their in their prime, in the days of the battle mages and the days that followed the fall of the sidhe clans. I’ve even drawn Gadrian’s fall, but I don’t have the heart to post it here. After that one I needed one of their younger, sweeter days. Even back then Gadrian was always looking after his younger brother when they were taken in by the Storm Guild. Kids are a difficult to draw for me, so I had to use refs. Thankfully my son was happy to volunteer some of his old photos, heh. )

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