Monthly Archives: April 2014

Vancouver Sun Article

I am incredible honoured to be in the Vancouver Sun today, talking about my appendix cancer journey and the book my son and I made, Bellybuttonless.

You can find out more about the operation I underwent in this other article, which interviews other local patients.

Awareness is always key;  the more that we can talk about things, the more that we can share experiences, the better chances of additional research and medical advances.

If you want to  find more about my journey  dealing with appendix cancer and pseudomyxoma peritonei, we kept a blog which you can find here: Beating Jelly Belly

Making Bellybuttonless with my son was incredibly healing for us both. To anyone dealing with cancer, our best wishes in your journey.

Yappari Chronicles and Winterborn

I have gotten some questions about where people can find out more information on my novel, Winterborn.  I made a separate site  ( to host all information that relates to the worlds of my novels.

There you can find the world overview, stories,  a pantheon and bestiary as well as illustrations by myself and others

I’ve also finished a new illustration of Quinne and Anita in the archive, which is now the new header for the site:

(2014) Who We Were - Quinne and Anita from
(2014) Who We Were – Quinne and Anita from