Monthly Archives: November 2018

Winterborn Sequel

This year I finally tackled the sequel to Winterborn, tentatively titled Battersea.  Much to my delight, the first draft is completed, and I’m in the middle of editing it now.  I am hoping to have both edited by the end of the year, with Winterborn re-released and Battersea hopefully published soon after.  They were always meant part of a trilogy, the Yappari Chronicles, and I’m really excited to see it taking shape.  Hopefully, the third book of the trilogy will be done by summer 2019!

In the meantime there has also been a bit of a creative burst in terms of illustrations, so many will be uploaded over the next few days. Most are at least tangentially related to the Yappari Chronicles.  Feels great to return to my creative self and let my fictional babies loose again!